Company History


Joe Cerne & Co. was founded in 1975 as a sales agency for IMC Agrico marketing feed grade phosphate and potassium products in Iowa and Nebraska. Over the next decades Cerne added additional lines of high quality feed ingredients.


Added then start-up Calcium Products, Inc. to its product offerings.


Cerne acquired Blomfield-Swanson and Bullard-Aylor sales agencies, expanding our product offerings and marketing area into Minnesota, Wisconsin, Illinois and the Dakotas.


Cerne acquired JM Huber's fine grind calcium plant in Fort Dodge, IA. The plant manufactured a broad range of calcium carbonate products for agricultural and industrial use, shipping finished product nationwide and around the world.


We earned HAACP and Safe Feed/Safe Food Certification affirming our commitment to the FDA Food Modernization Act of 2010.


Completion of our scale and load out system! This project focused on employee and driver safety. An improved customer experience was achieved with greatly reducing loading times and added flexibility.


Completion of Dryer and plant upgrade projects. The completion of this project will allow us to meet our customers growing needs for high quality calcium products.


Completion of additional finished product storage. This planned expansion will enable us to better handle the daily need of our customer base along with seasonal surge demand in the coming years!


Completed new load out for fine and ultra-fine calcium products. In addition to the load out, we added significant bulk storage for all of our products. These upgrades will allow us to load trucks more efficiently and meet growing customer demand.