Ground Calcium Carbonate

Cerne Calcium products are produced from naturally occurring underground high calcium limestone reserves.  "Calcite" and "ground limestone" are often used synonymous with natural calcium carbonate.  Our products are consistently above 98% calcium carbonate and quality is second to none. 

Our quality begins with our purity.   We size to meet nearly any specification.  Our low impurities, specifically iron, aluminum, silica and heavy metals make PureCal products ideal applications that range animal nutrition and pet foods to industrial uses in glass manufacturing, plastics, environmental and dozens of specialty markets.
High purity calcium carbonate is an essential building block of many industrial, agricultural processes and in the production of meat, milk and eggs.

Feed Grade Calcium Carbonate


We are located in Fort Dodge, IA. That means we are located in the heart of animal agriculture. Our company was founded with the intention of supplying the finest in feed ingredients and we feel that makes PureCal the perfect fit for us. We have a product for all feed supplementation applications.

All feed grade products are available in rail or bulk trucks.  They are also available in bulk bags (ST or MT) and 50# bags.  


Coarse Products

Shell Cal™

  • optimizes calcium intake for egg shell production and strength 

Granular Products

PureCal™ 12, 16, 30, 40

  • Complete feeds and pet foods
  • Premixes and animal pharmaceutical products

Fine Products

PureCal™ 50, 60

  • Specialty premixes and blending applications

PureCal 325 

  • Liquid feed and suspension feed applications

Ultra-Fine Products

3m, 4m, 6m

  • Ideal for water dispersible and specialty applications

Industrial Grade Calcium Carbonate

Our high purity and low iron, aluminum and heavy metals make PureCal ideal for industrial and filler applications.

Granular products are sized to meet specifications for:

  • Float, bottle and fiber glass applications
  • Chemical and Industrial process applications 
  • Water treatment and purification
  • Environmental - Coal gas desulfurization 

Ultra-Fine products for:

  • Functional Filler applications 
  • Paint, Plastics and Rubber applications
  • Athletic Field Marker

Other Products

Feed Grade Phosphates and Potassium Products

Since 1975 Cerne Calcium has proudly been a manufacturer's representative for Mosaic Feed Ingredients. Mosaic has long set the standard in feed phosphates and potassium products. 

  • Biofos® 21% Monocalcium Phosphate (P) 
  • Dyna-K® Feed Grade Potassium Chloride (K) 
  • Dynamate® Feed Grade Potassium and Magnesium Sulfate