COVID-19: Updated Delivery and Loading Instructions

Mar  16,  2020

Truck Driver Delivery and Pick-Up Loading Instructions:

  1. NO DRIVERS are allowed in Cerne scale or mill offices
  2. Scale Operators will come get your loading information, STAY IN/NEAR your truck.
  3. If no scale operator is present in the office call:
    Cerne Scale Cell # 515-505-0341
    Cerne Scale Land Line # 515-955-8548
  1. Hopper Truck driver can still get out in the driveway to clean off their traps.
  2. Hopper Truck driver will still need to get out to loosen their center straps, so we can lower our spouts.
  3. Pneumatic Truck driver will still need to close & seal their hatches after loaded.

This will be our mandatory but temporary loading and delivery instructions until further notice.  While we are open for business, we are taking these actions to help prevent the spread of COVID–19 (coronavirus) to and from our employees and the truck drivers that haul to and from our facility.